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Can't install second hard disk

By ravisunny2 ยท 4 replies
Nov 21, 2006
  1. I was wondering whether you could help out with a problem I am facing with my desktop.

    I was trying to install a new 40 GB Seagate HD, but Auto Detect cannot pickup the HD

    The HCL dealer here says that his h/w engineers are too incompetent, and is not willing to
    provide any support ( not even an AMC).

    Details :

    Cumputer : HCL Busybee 2000, Pentium III-MMX CPU at 450MHz
    <CPU ID:0672 Patch ID:0004>

    Mother Board : Intel 810 (???)

    ( OS : Windows 98 SE)

    BIOS : Award Modular BIOS v4.51PG, An Energy Star Ally
    Copyright (C) 1984-98, Award Software Inc.

    Intel 440BX/ZX AGPSet BIOS for 6BA V.2.6

    Award Plug and Play BIOS Extension v1.0A

    HD : IDE Drive Type 47

    Hard Disk Controller :

    - Intel 82371AB/EB PCI BUS
    Master IDE Controller Version 001

    - Primary IDE Controller (dual fifo)
    - secondary IDE Controller (dual fifo)

    Primary Master : Samsung SV0432A
    Primary Slave : GIGABYTE GO-R5232C

    New HD : Seagate Model : ST340015A (40 GB), RPM ???

    16,383 CYL, 16 HDS, 63 Sectors, LBA 78,165,360

    S/N : 5LANBC9X
    P/N : 9Y3001-313
    HDA P/N : 100361223

    Configuration Level : UWWE1
    Configuration Code : ZEU-01
    Firmware : 3.01
    Site Code : WU
    Date Code : 06466

    Was able to auto detect the HD below, but showed only 33 GB

    Used HD : Seagate Model : ST340810A (40 GB), RPM ??? (less than new HD)

    16,383 CYL, 16 HDS, 63 Sectors, LBA 78,165,360

    P/N : 9T7002-304
    HDA P/N : 100188744

    Configuration Level : 8SMA1
    Configuration Code : U2P-03
    Firmware : 3.99
    Site Code : CS
    Date Code : 03196CSO

    Have tried to use Seagate DiscWizard Starter Edition, as suggested by Seagate Technical Support.
    They seem to think that it is BIOS limitation.

    Other similar model HCL (& non_HCL) computers (P-III, 450 MHz), have been able to Auto Detect,
    and pick up 40 GB HD from Seagate.

    Local suggestions :

    1. One person says that the entire Mother Board needs to be replaced

    2. Another person says that only the BIOS Chip needs to be replaced.

    If any further details are required, please let me know.


    Ravi Banthia

    Phone : +91 (33) 2473 8098
  2. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,512   +65

    No, your problem is many older system boards (ie. You 450Mhz P-III Slot-1) can only recognize up to 32GB because their BIOS is outdated. From a practical standpoint, replacing your board is not an option. Replacing your BIOS chip doesn't make sense either... So throw those suggestions out the window for the moment.

    What you do need to do is update the BIOS, which can be done using a BIOS flash utility and the latest available BIOS for your system board from the manufacturer. This may prove to be quite a hunt though, but a good place to start is to open your case and look at any obvious model numbers that may printed on your system board like Soyo 6BA+IV or Abit BE6r2 etc... Using the model number, you can track down the manufacturer and download the newest BIOS which (hopefully) supports drives larger than 32GB. And of course, there may not be a new(er) BIOS available for download....

    The second thing you can do is purchase an IDE PCI controller. This is a card you can plug your drive into which has its own BIOS, allowing you to install any size drive.

    The third thing you can do is enable the 32GB clip jumper on your hard drive (if it is available) and just learn to live with it. :)

    The fourth possibility is to use an external USB drive for your 'junk'. You can buy a USB enclosure and pop in your 40GB drive, creating a 40GB portable and removable hard drive.
  3. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

    I dont know about seagate but WD used to have a utility that would flash bios's on older 810 and 820 intel mobos that would allow them to recognize larger drives. I know seagate has a hard drive utility suite that is available from it's website but I dont know if it has that feature.
  4. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,512   +65

    I think ISS is talking about drive overlay programs... something I forgot to mention.

    I always consider these programs a last resort. They work by altering your MBR, 'tricking' your BIOS into reading the full 40GB. If the wrong set of circumstances happen to your partitions or MBR, there's a greatly increased chance of data loss. If you care about your data and need a reliable solution, drive overlay programs are not the answer. But if you can't find another way, they usually work.

    Your drive manufacturer will have the program for download on their website.
  5. brianj

    brianj TS Rookie

    Download and run the free program BELARC ADVISOR
    It's Free and will tell you what version BIOS and date you have as well as a lot of useful information on what hardware and software you have installed
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