Can't open add and remove in Win 2000 pro

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Jan 21, 2010
  1. I cant get my add and remove window to fully open, it gets the outline but freezes. you can keep on using the computer though. what could be causing it? my computer has slowed down a lot also, it is win 2000 pro sp4
  2. pjamme

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    going back a ways.
    initially I would do a File\Run\SFC /scannow to restore any missing windows files. You'll need your Windows 2000 CD for this.
    that may help the slowness, if not time to remove temporary files, do a checkdisk and a defrag. also remove unnecessary stuff from your Startup.
    You can also find msconfig.exe by searching Google and downloading from a reputable site or copy it from an XP computer. Run the command msconfig and use it to remove any unneccessary programs from the Startup TAB, then click on the "Services" tab and check the box "Hide all Microsoft Services" and then uncheck any unnecessary programs there.

    Or it may be time for a format and re-install. i never used W2k, but even with XP doing an occassional format and re-install is necessary from time to time, as was W98.
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    You are most likely right, a full format and reinstall is needed, or better yet a new computer. thanks for the help, ran File\Run\SFC /scannow but nothing changed. New day. Ok i got real problems, seems my daughters genius boyfriend tried to fix this by reinstalling win 2000, twice. Now i have 3 installs to boot into and all are differant. Everything is still there but nothing is installed except under the original install. is there a way to uninstall these two extra OS without losing everything, i have years of work and pictures on here i dont want to lose.
  4. pjamme

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    The bad thing about SFC is you cannot tell if it did anything, unless it starts behaving correctly as there is no log as far as I know.

    If you can get into windows and If you have a CDR it's time to start moving pictures.
    When you re-install Windows with external hard drives (USB Stick etc.) it often messes up the Windows drive letter. That is unless, her boyfriend said to make a new install.
    I don't believe short of a format there is any way to unuinstall your two new installs. If it is working and you have disk space to operate then just get everything off you want and format.
    If you cannot start Windows you may need to attach the hard drive to another computer as a slave and copy your data to that drive.
  5. ghostrider4

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    Ok, i figured that would be the answer. Thanks for the help. I should of been backing stuff up as i went but didn't. Remember people, "Back it up" is not just good advice, its the best advice! lol thanks again.
  6. pjamme

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    going forward, I use Acronis for backup to an external e-sata drive and it has worked wonderfully.
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