Can't reach Belkin configuration this a problem???

By BillnMartie
Sep 11, 2006
  1. We have 2 wired pc, and a laptop. The PCs are Acer3100+, 1.8ghz, 1G ram, connected via ethernet to a wildblue modem. I have just installed a Belkin wireless router, model F5D 6231-4, that I bought on ebay. Both pcs will go online, a little slower than before, but my big concern is that when I run a cmd, ipconfig/all, my IP address dosen't match what they say. Belkin says it should be 192.168.1, and I get, in this range. They said to configure router, but when I enter that page address, I get the notice of a network error. I don't know enough about this to know if this is a security issue or not! If I manually enter the numbers that Belkin should be , I get the correct address in an ipconfig, but I cannot get to the page, or get online. What have I done wrong!!!!
  2. jobeard

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    the Belkin default address is

    you're apparently wired like

    the WAN side address will be set by your ISP, not belkin and might well be, but none of your PCs will see this using IPCONFIG /ALL --
    they will see the LAN side addresses. IPCONFIG will show the DHCP address
    given to that specific machine. the LAN side address of the belkin should be
    the default above, and thus your PC addresses will default to something like

    use one PC to access the router config using your browser
    IF NECESSARY, you can change the default router address and the range of IP
    addresses that will be assigned to your PCs.

    you should absolutely change the admin password
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    When you do an ipconfig, the default gateway is the address of your router, if your not happy with the settings there is a reset button on the back of the router, power off, hold it power on, let go of the reset button, wait till it settles and then access the admin pages using

    It may have been set by the last user to what it is now for some reason.

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