Can't restore XP

By davekay
Aug 26, 2007
  1. I am having problems which lead me to believe either my RAM is corrupt or my motherboard is faulty. I ran the prime number program and microsofts program and the memory checks out OK. Before I go and buy an new mother board, I tried to restore XP SP2. When I boot from the XP CD, I receive the message hit any key to boot from cd, I hit a key and windows starts. I do not get any option to restore. I made a bootable floppy (6 floppies). The program started to boot from floppy one, then requested floppy 2. I put floppy two in the drive, but no matter what key I hit, the floppy will not run. I am using a logitech wireless keyboard.
    The problems stated with ACDsee 9.0. It installs OK it appears. When I try to start the ACDsee 9.0 program it can't find its database and won't run. ACDsee gave me some fixes, none of them worked. They think I have a system problem. I tried restoring the file associations without success. Clicking on URL addresses within programs or e-mail does not start the application. If I copy the URL to IE6, the address opens. Shaw Secure 2.0 (F-secure) shows no viruses. Any ideas before I get a new motherboard?
    Thank You
  2. raybay

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    Motherboards seldom fail.
    If your floppy discs were formatted by the wrong verions of Windows this can happen. Try again using store bought floppies.
    Get rid of the wireless keyboard, and use a PS/2 if you have one handy, or a USB keyboard.
    It is possible your optical drive is bad, so keep that in mind.
    Also, it could be that you need to run a full install, including a reformat, from a cold boot.
    If your optical drive works, you should have no need for the floppies.
    Be sure your optical Windows Disc has no diagonal scratches... buff them out with disc buffing compound from any discount store.
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