Can't run disk cleanup or defrag tool on Vista, no error code

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May 19, 2011
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  1. For some reason, my laptop will no longer run Disk Cleanup or Defrag. I tried accessing the scheduled maintance program (not sure what it's called) and I can't seem to open that either. Is this a virus or a Vista problem? I select the programs and nothing happens.. not even an error message.

  2. r3dark

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    how much space do you have left? this can cause the defrag program to not run, or not allow you to run it at all...
  3. jobeard

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    first, start->run->CLEANMGR to delete crud left about from web surffing

    do this for your normal login as well as the admin login

    second, download defraggler, and run it to view the state.
    this program will show exactly WHICH FILES are fragmented and you can
    pick those YOU want to defrag first.

    BEFORE you defrag files, fix the freespace
    Action->advanced->defrag free (allow fragmentation)
    This will give everyone better results.

    NOW then, defrag ONLY the *DLL and *EXE files, not data files
  4. jobeard

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  5. evadestruction

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    Thanks! I'll give it a try tomorrow as I'm not at my laptop right now. I appreciate your help!
  6. skipper86

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    you can use a 3rd party system utilities program such as:
    Tuneup Utilities
    this can perform all these functions for you...!

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