can't save to jpeg only to bmp all of a sudden

By catch
Mar 23, 2005
  1. I've already read the old thread on this and it was of no help. In fact I already knew about those solusions to empty tempory internet files and made sure "do not save encrypted page to disc was unchecked." I use to be to go months without having to empty my temporary folder, before not being able to save to jpeg. A few months ago, however, I had to start empting my temp folder just after browsing a few page in order to save to jpeg. Now I can't save to jpeg at all. Even if I empty temp internet folder. And it shows empty. and typing .jpeg after the file name really doens't save it to jpeg format. It still saves as the size of bitmap compression, resulting in a file size of over a MB vs only KB in jpeg format. Here's where it gets really weird. I can still I click right on the thumb, leading to the full picture, and choose save target as then it always lets me to save the full pic to jpeg.
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