Cant see Flash online

By glowingnissan07
Apr 24, 2008
  1. hey everyone, For some reason I CANNOT watch Flash content (youtube, myspaceTV, etc) online. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing the latest Flash Player and followed everystep in adobe's troubleshooting with no luck.

    i even ran the registry edit command SubinACL, but even that didnt work.

    I've tried messing around with my IE settings too, but i still get nothing.
    When i try their online installation method, I get that little preview of the F with the green lines moving underneath, but when the page refreshes the images go dead and it supposed to play some "finished" movie or something but it doesnt.

    I tried downloading the installer. It says Flash is installed on my system, but i dont get why it wont work.

    Suggestions welcome
  2. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    Uninstall Flash again (with the un-install again)

    Download IE 7:

    Uninstall Internet Explorer from Add/Remove programs
    For IE6 it lives in Add/Remove Programs ->Add/Remove Windows Components
    For IE 7 it lives in Add/Remove programs as Microsoft Internet Explorer

    Install Internet Explorer 7
    Install Flash again from Adobe
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