Can't update GPU drivers and HDMI doesn't work

  1. Hi Everyone so I have started a collection of errors on my Dell xps (inspiron laptop year 2011) L70 2x, over the last weeks. I had recently done a windows update but it could not update the USB ports and the graphics card, I was given an error message of contact "windows helpmsi.chm". Ever since my HDMI output has not worked, I have lost the use of 2 out of 4 USB ports, and my frame per seconds rate when I do a benchmark test on the graphics card is 15 FPS when I was usually getting around 30-40 only 3 weeks ago! I have tested the TV and hdmi cable with another computer and it works perfectly.

    I went to to update the manufactures drivers, but there again it is the same problem. I have a recommendation to install 11 drivers but none of them install due to error messages. I also use Nvidia to update the GPU but their recent update for my pc also fails to install. Today I contacted Dell support but did not get much help there. I was thinking of nuking the hard drive and starting over. It sounds to me like it is a driver problem or maybe some of my driver software became corrupted? I was wondering what others might think it is. (Video card perhaps?) I did a virus scan but no hidden objects or viruses found.

    I also had another question I have the manufacture's disk for installing drivers, is there a way to uninstall all the drivers through device manager and starting over from there, or is the only way to do this by nuking the hard drive and starting over?

    Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated, thank you!
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    If you are willing to reformat the HDD and clean install Windows, then go for it! That will allow us to better diagnose whether it is a software or a hardware issue since any software variables such as bad drivers and viruses are not an issue. Before doing so though, I recommend downloading drivers you will need to install after such as the sound, chipset, ethernet, WiFi, and graphics drivers (from both the Dell and nVidia site incase one doesnt work). Also, download and install the latest BIOS just in case. Make sure to clean install windows, and not just reinstall. I am assuming you have Windows 7, so you can download the appropriate image >>here<<. Check out how to clean install windows >>here<< (it applies for Windows 7 also, not just Windows 8). Make sure you have a Windows key ready to input.

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