Carrier IQ explains its software as FBI denies FOIA request

By Leeky
Dec 14, 2011
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  1. Carrier IQ is once again making headlines as the company continues to fight back at the negative publicity its carrier-diagnostic "utility" is receiving. For those that do not recall, at…

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  2. I read somewhere a couple days ago that HTC is responsible for the line of code that made it possible for Mr. Eckhart to find.

  3. IvanAwfulitch

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    Does anyone really believe anything they're saying? Does debugging software really translate shttp into plain text? Why would they need to do that on a smartphone? I could maybe see specific codes for button presses, texts, and calls being useful for figuring out if it's working properly, but any applications outside of that are highly suspect. Especially if it leaves confidential information unencrypted.

    And that doesn't answer the question of what is being done with the information that the debugger collects. Why is it collecting information on us in the first place? Where is it going? Who is reading it? Why are they reading it? Why are they allowed to read it and collect it?

    I'm not convinced. They can claim whatever the hell they want to, but none of it is adding up.
  4. All these recent companies need to remember to adhere to 1 word that would make things less headache for them and ease scrutiny ; PERMISSION. Companies are doing more and more controversial marketing tactics (Carrier IQ included) without the consumers consent. It's essentially a violation of 4th Amendment (Unwarranted SEARCH, which may include but not limited to personal information). Any program that harbors itself on your physical properties to access & collect information without your expressed consent or a warrant should be considered a Violation of a Citizens Liberties and Rights.

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