Casio is exiting the compact digital camera business

Shawn Knight

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Point-and-shoot cameras have long been a viable alternative to higher-end DSLR cameras for those looking to explore the world of photography. Their trajectory changed drastically over the past decade or so, however, as smartphones exploded in popularity and their cameras got exponentially better.

The latest casualty of the smartphone revolution? Casio.

The Japanese consumer electronics maker has decided to withdraw from the compact digital camera business according to a recent report from Nikkei (via PetaPixel). Casio’s digital camera business reportedly lost 500 million yen (around $4.57 million) in the fiscal year ending March 2017 as a result of declining compact digital camera shipments.

Casio is perhaps best known for its calculators, watches and musical keyboards but it was also an early digital camera innovator. The company was the first to launch a digital camera with an LCD screen and live view with the QV-10 back in 1995 and was a trend-setter in the early 2000s with its ultra-slim Exilim line. It was also the first to market with a 3-megapixel digital camera, PetaPixel notes.

Casio isn’t getting out of the digital camera business entirely, however, as it will reportedly shift its focus to higher-end camera products.

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Uncle Al

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What a shame .... I have one of their earlier versions and it was ahead of it's time when it first came out, but over time they seem to have lost their mojo .......


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More to follow I believe... it is not the same game anymore, you need huge R&D budget to survive these days...


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Diddn't know they still made them. A shame as they were one of the early pioneers, the first 3mp, 4mp and 6mp cameras on the market. Also the first decent slow mo camera the Casio EXILIM Pro EX-F1. I still have a working Casio QV4000 with a super sharp F2 lens and features you still don't get on modern compacts like flash sync terminal!


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It was also pioneer in 8x optical zoom + 1 cm macro focusing with QV-8000. It was THE best camera of the time.


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The reality was quite different. Casio initially designed and made every new models of cameras in Japan. Subsequently the production was shifted to China and the quality problems began. They hardly ever advertised in trade magazines like Canon or Nikon or Sony or Panasonic. Even the reviewers never bothered because they could never associate Casio with cameras! I know as I was involved in distribution in India.