Cat5e question

By ingeborgdot
Mar 21, 2010
  1. Let me see if I can explain this right. Let's say I have pre-made cat5e. It is terminated type B. The plug in the wall is type A and runs to the other plug on the other end which is Type A. The cable on the other side is type B. Is that a problem? Because most of the pre-made cables I see are type B.
    Actually, what is better? Type A or type B?

    Another question. What is the maximum length you can have a stranded cable. Monoprice sells 100' cables and say they work great. I have talked to people and they say they are great. What is your consensuses?
  2. tipstir

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    I use Monoprice cables and Belkin brand also. They all work just find. I use strands of 50FT, 75FT instead of using 100FT. I have over 24 strands in use before for better throughput it's better to dedicate each node (network device) to it's own port to the switch or patch panel. You can buy 1000FT at Home Depot you know they all are made in China unless it said USA. Still going to work the same.

    Why did you mix the Type A and B connectors?
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