Cd burners won't read anything

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Jul 30, 2008
  1. In a machine I am working on neither cd burner will read anything. I have uninstalled drivers, there is no 3rd party burner installed. What could it be?
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    You will likely need to provide more information about this system before anyone can help you. What type of machine and what type of CD drives are you working on? Did they ever work or have they never worked? Have they been recently installed or have they been there working for years? What does Device Manager tell you about them? Are you able to check the actual drives and their connecting cables? With more of this type of info, you are more likely to get help for your problem.
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    It is a Dell with XP and with two cdr drives. One is a samsung and the other lists as an HG or something to that nature. They had quit a couple of years ago and I got them fixed but I can't remember what I had to do to fix them. It was something wacky. Device manager has no problems and says they are working properly. The cables are connected as they attempt to read and just don't.
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    Try substituting a known good optical drive to narrow it down.
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    Clean upper/lower filters is worth trying.
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