CD burning help

By nichos
Oct 25, 2005
  1. Need help with CD burning programs.

    Have two CD-R-Writer drives. One came with Roxio and the other with Nero burning programs.

    Both these will Auto-boot Program CDs like MS Win, fs9 etc, or magazine freebies.

    Also Downloaded the winXP-Proffessional Burning program "CD Burner Pro XP", as I was advised to use it to burn an ISO file on a CD-R bootable CD.

    The Nero type CD drive would not accept to burn the file, as it only accepts CD-Re-Writer CDs.

    So I burned the file using the Roxio type drive, using "CD Burner Pro XP".

    This CD now will only Auto-Boot in the Roxio type drive, and will not Auto-boot on another PC with standard CD drive.

    It is getting rather confusing and would like some clarification to establish a correct method on burning CDs.
    Thanx, nick
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