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By cptanthrax@gmai
May 16, 2008
  1. Hey all. I really want to re-install win xp on this computer, but the cd drive doesnt work. So when i put in my recovery disc, it is useless. I am not sure if its a problem with my hardware (cd/drive) or if some virus has rendered my cd\dvd drive(s) useless. When i go to device manager it recognizes my DVD\CD ROM drives: IDE DVD-ROM 16X and KS3254V MUL001Z SCSI CdRom Device. I know for a fact i need to reinstall winxp on this comp. theres constant pop-ups saying i have a virus. but i can surf the internet fine.

    my 2 cdrom drives are:

    someone help thnx
  2. kimsland

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    If they work in Windows they will work on bootup.

    Note: if you start your computer with a bootable disc, any viruses on the original HardDrive will not affect this operation. (unless it's a bios virus - unlikely)

    Try just plugging in one CD/DVD drive only. Sometimes that helps


    Unless the recovery disc is not actually bootable. ie you might need the first disk (which might even be a floppy disk, that may be the actual bootable part)

    What system is this anyway (Dell Hp other ?)
  3. cptanthrax@gmai

    cptanthrax@gmai TS Rookie Topic Starter

    its a cyberpower computer. i juse Killdisk to format my harddrive, then i put in the recovery CD it says, "error loading operating system". i think it mite be a hardware problem. :(
  4. SNGX1275

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    You just don't have your BIOS set to boot off the cd is what it looks like to me. Fix that and it will work. In fact, there really is no reason to ever change your bios away from CD -> HD -> other in the boot order. That way you never have to go in and change anything in the future concerning boot order, and all it costs you is a fraction of a second on boot.
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