CD/DVD Drive Not Reading Blank DVD's

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Feb 12, 2005
  1. DVD-RW Drive (DVD-4X CDR-24X) has been working fine for just over a year, now when i insert blank DVD media, after about ten seconds the Drives LED stops flashing and remains constant, when I try to burn to the disk i tells me that the device is not ready or blank media not inserted... any other type of disk, or burned DVDs / CDs read perfectly. I think the drive is unbranded, and is probably at the end of its life, plan to replace it with a faster drive anyway... (TDK DVDRW 12X). I have been using Blank DVD Minus R TDK Media. and Blank "PREMIUM" Intenso Media.
    Just thought id ask you people if there was any conceivable solution?...

    PS. occasionally when i attempt to read Blank media, I can hear a barely audiable clicking sound... :eek:

    Edit: Eeb!, sorry forgot to mention, using Nero Enterprise Edition & NeroVision Express 3
  2. Liquidlen

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    Welcome to Techspot!
    Your problem might mean the DVD needs to be cleaned inside, especially if you did not change media brand and it was successful before.DVD is much more sensitive than CD.
    Make sure WindowsXP burning software is disabled.
    I believe Nero ver.6.6 is availible to you if the solutions above does not work.
    And you can check the case of your Writer for a model number and manufacturer ,because No-name units can still often have firmware updates availible at the company web site.
  3. PeteLord

    PeteLord TS Rookie Topic Starter

    New drive installed now.

    Got new drive and installed it today, no probs.

    Replaced old MSI "MS-8404A" with TDK "indidvd 1280B"
  4. zegel

    zegel TS Rookie

    not sure how to make a fresh post!!!

    Hello as you can tell I am new to this and I am not sure how to get a fresh post up. I have had problems with my DVD drive too its a MSI Atapi DVD RW8x max. It was burning dvd's just fine then the other day I was using dvd shink and when I put the blank cd in it just stopped. It will now not read any DVD's that I put in at all. It can however read cd's audio and rom's but no DVD's its driving me nuts. I read tons of the forums on here and bought a cleaner with 6 brushes in hope that the laser was dirty, but to no avail... does anyone have any ideas where I can start with this, could it be the laser? or did I lose some software for it to stop all of a sudden??? would appreciate anyones help with this.
    Thanks heaps :)
  5. Liquidlen

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    You need to be a little more specific with some background info .Did your machine work well before? Any new authoring /Writing software ? What are you using? O/S etc.
    In the meantime you can do some troubleshooting.
    -Clean the drive
    -Check for Conflicts with different Authoring Software (Web knowledge bases)
    -check for Firmware/software updates
    -Check HDD drives for sufficient space for Buffering (Sometimes clearing the Page file helps)
    Confirming the Brands of Media ,Very important all brands will not work in all drives.Especially DVD ,I have found them to be very particular.
  6. Tedster

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    please post your question in one forum only. ;)
  7. Ironoak

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    Cleaning Drive?

    Hi all
    I've a question regarding cleaning a drive, do you just unplug it and clean it, where do you access the innards in order to clean the lense, so on and so forth?
    I've been having horrible issues with my DVD rom burner/player with it not reading DVD's and now the same issue with CD's. Hoping to clean it as last resort.
  8. nickc

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    go to the local store u get parts and stuff from Best Buy or such and buy a lens cleaner. it will give instructions on it for running. and actually that is all u need to clean there is no need to take it out of the computer that I know of.
  9. graff3

    graff3 TS Rookie

    im basically having the same problem. i have searched all over the internet and cant find an answer. i had an hp dvd1040i that was working fine up until about a week ago. i tried burning a movie through nero (which i always use other than clone dvd) and it did its 2 hour burn and nothing was on the disc. i checked my computer and it changed to a dvd-ram drive. when i put blank dvd's in they come up as an audio cd and i have tried multiple dvd-r's and dvd-r dl. i called hp to award my warranty and went and bought a memorex mrx-530l multi format recorder. i installed it and i am having the exact same problem. i called memorex and they told me to check for viruses. i have ran every kind of scan imaginable (antivirus, registry repair/cleaner, ad aware, spybot s&d) but nothing i do is working. can someone pleae help me figure this out.:mad: i have also uninstalled the drivers and registry items and let windows reinstall the drive but it still doesnt work.
  10. zegel

    zegel TS Rookie

    Not sure

    Hiya, gosh I posted that a long time ago... what I recall I did was bought a whole lot of cleaners and other things, but they never worked either. In the end I did what you did and just got a new one, but once I did that mine worked again. Mine was bascially the laser had given out on the DVD however the CD part still worked. I put a new one in but not long after my PC died too. I wonder still if it also had something to do with a virus, as it never really worked well after that anyway.

    This is no doubt no help at all, but sometimes even just an answer helps as I know how frustrating it all is. Good luck.
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