CD/DVD or disk problems? how to fix problems caused by filters


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[center]CD/DVD or Disk Problems? How to Fix Problems Caused by Filters
Updated 4/18/10[/center]

>> If you'd like to skip the explanation of filters and symptoms, feel free to jump directly to the How to Fix Filter Problems section below

Filter drivers (simply called "filters") are device driver "add-on" parts (they're like "plug-ins" for drivers)
> Filters are intended to work with and augment device driver functionality
> Filters intercept (and can alter) the I/O data stream between a Windows application and a hardware device

  • A filter may come from Microsoft or get installed by a 3rd party product. Examples: Disk backup and CD/DVD burning products sometimes install filters to help support their functionality
  • 3rd party filters
    • Don't always work well with existing device drivers and hardware
    • Don't always work well with other 3rd party filters
  • Plus
    > Filters sometimes get corrupted
    > Filters sometimes don't get removed correctly when the product that installed it is uninstalled
As a result:
  • Corrupt or missing filter files may interfere with device driver functionality
  • Bad filters may be the underlying cause of a driver error code
  • Bad filters may result in strange/faulty device behavior
If you'd like to learn more about Windows filters, also see these two links
  • Also see [post=815751]"Tutorial: Understanding Device Drivers and Filters"[/post] (should you want a more detailed explanation of filters)
  • Also see [post=815752]"How to View CD/DVD and Disk Filter Drivers"[/post] (should you want to graphiclly view the disk and CD/DVD filters on your computer)

Fact is, most people aren't aware of filters so they're easily over-looked as a problem source. Possible symptoms of filter related problems include:
  • Devices (such as disks and CD/DVDs) that appear in Device Manager but not in My Computer or Explorer
  • Computer can't detect a CD/DVD or can't write to writable media
  • USB devices (such as iPods and Disks) that don't seem to get detected
    > Note there are still many other reasons for undetected USB devices
    > So try fixing filters but don't get hung up on filters as "must be" the cause
  • A persistent driver error code equal to: 10, 19, 31, 32 or 39
    > To see the error code in Device Manager, rt click the device and look on the General tab
How to Fix Filter Problems
The steps below include automated tools some of which will check for and try to fix more then just filters. So try each approach listed below for your OS

Some important things to note:
  • Reboot after each step before you re-test
  • After removing filters, you may need to reinstall 3rd party disk and CD/DVD products if they no longer function correctly
    > The instructions below may remove all your 3rd party filters
    > Removing all filters can remove a faulty filter and fix your problem BUT
    > Removing all filters may also remove a filter still needed by a disk or CD/DVD product to work correctly
    > If you find a disk or CD/DVD product not working after removing filters, uninstall then reinstall the product
Methods to fix CD/DVD Filter Problems
Methods to fix Disk Filter Problems
For XPFor Vista and Windows 7
  • See "How to Manually Remove Filters from the Registry" below
    > Remove upper and lower filters for class= DiskDrive
How to Manually Remove Filters from the Registry
This method explains how to look for and delete UpperFilters and LowerFilters in the registry. Note
> Use this method to find registry data for class=CDROM or class= DiskDrive
> Choose the class based on whether it's CD/DVDs or disks with the problem
> If you see subkeys named: UpperFilters or LowerFilters, rt click to delete them (example below)
  1. Create a System Restore point before you proceed!! (so you have one just in case you should need it)
    > For XP: See How to create a system restore point manually in XP
    > For Vista and Windows 7: Create a Restore Point for Windows 7 or Vista’s System Restore
  2. We'll use the Regjump tool to help you navigate to the correct registry key
    > Download Regjump
    > Unzip it and save the files in C:\Windows\system32
  3. Open a command prompt window
    > For XP, click Start->Run, enter: cmd
    > For Vista and Windows 7, you must open an elevated command prompt for Regjump to work. (For instructions click here
  4. Copy / paste one of the following regjump command lines into the command prompt window
    > The registry editor (regedit) should open and take you directly to the key
    > Check the class to verify you are looking at the right key (see example below)
    To check for disk filters (where class= [B]DiskDrive[/B])
        [B]regjump HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E967-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}[/B]
    To check for CD/DVD filters (where class= [B]CDROM[/B])
        [B]regjump HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}[/B]
    [*]If you see subkeys named: UpperFilters or LowerFilters, rt click to delete them
    ==> If you don't see the subkeys, then no filters exist
    [*]Exit the Registry Editor and reboot




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Exactly fabulous work learned few things with that for sure; also I'd suggest have this thread locked so it doesn't get cluttered !!
I followed all of these steps and nothing. The CMD prompt says the command is invalid. Rejjump will not open. My computer will not read my external. It read it fine yesterday and now today nothing. Please help!!!!


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I followed all of these steps and nothing. The CMD prompt says the command is invalid. Rejjump will not open. My computer will not read my external. It read it fine yesterday and now today nothing. Please help!!!!
Do you have a bootable CD? Do you know how to set your machine to boot from CD drive before it tries booting from hard drive?

You're best to first check if your CD player can boot from CD or not. If it can't then the CD player itself is probably bad. Perhaps it's a software problem and can check next. But try the boot test first
Hi I actually made an account just to reply abt the above query..
BTW thanks a lottttttt for resolving the issue. I was trying to connect my new Kindle fire, Samsung phone, etc to PC but it always used to give me error of MTP USB error.
When checked in Device manager it was the code 19 Windows error on the Portable devices.
When I checked in your tutorial abt Upper & lower filter I got an idea that it had to be related to that. When checked in the device properties through Device Manager the Class Upper Filter Value was showing KLFLTDEV.
When researched it was some OLD Kaspersky Lab KLFltDev driver. I had uninstalled Kaspersky a long tym ago. So I just followed the code & deleted the Class Upper Key from Regedit and yes it worked like a charm. Now I can connect and device to my PC.

There is nice Kaspersky forum on this particular driver and how it sometimes afffects Devices u add to PC.




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Nice work! (y) Great job at extending the info in the post about filters to your portable device and realize they were responsible for your problem. Kudos! I'm impressed. Job well done :)
I was so excited to do this myself..well..the excitement faded upon rebooting the computer and receiving some kind of error message. It gave the option to undo whatever had happened before it shut down (I'm sorry, I don't remember the verbiage!) and anyway, the windows 8 logo has just been sitting and staring me in the face about ten minutes now.. Help!!
Woo! Good news, it now says automatic repair wasn't successful - However! There is a trouble shoot option and a refresh or reset pc option, along with an advanced option. The advanced option inclues:
system restore, system image recovery, automatic repair, command prompt, and startup settings.
Any tips?


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Hi Kcs25

I'm hoping you created a System Restore point before trying to edit the registry. Choose the System Restore option should allow you to revert to he restore point you created
Hi, I had the same problem. I have Samsung Notebook NP350E5C-SO1IN which is a year old. My DVD drive did not show up on my computer. As I searched for a solution on the internet, I came to know that the problem must be due to Windows 8.1. I tried all the fixes suggested by Microsoft including changes in the registry, checking disk manager (Under DVD icon TSSTcorp CDDVDW SN-208BB which was greyed out, properties showed error 45) for three days but to no avail. That was frustrating. Thought for going to the service center and spend some extra bucks for repair. Then today, I used the support center and did a diagnosis. It showed only one problem (error: boot speed slow). I clicked on the error to resolve it and it showed (Superfetch auto fixing. Enable superfetch to make boot and application speed faster). I shut down the PC as I had to go out for a few minutes. Later, when I switched it on, after a few minutes a popup showed up at the bottom near the hidden icon (sata unknown disk removed) and heard the similar purr of the DVD drive. I checked out ‘My computer’ and the ‘DVD RW’ icon had showed up. I played a cd and it works fine. Hope it stays that way.
I would request all IT geeks to explain what had gone wrong with my pc and how the problem was solved.