CD Rom disappeared.

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Apr 15, 2007
  1. Hi,I have installed windows vista on my daughters computer at first in Computer the CD Rom showed but the next day it had disappeared.In Device manager it isnt there also,any ideas how i can get it back.
  2. Cyberbabe

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    Hi martinlw :)

    Disconnect the CD Rom "make sure the cables are not near fans/Motherboard" and start the PC then shut down the PC now reconnect the CD Rom and start the PC your OS will make new drivers for the CD Rom and it should be recognised in Computer
  3. martinlw

    martinlw TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 128

    Hi,I tried what you suggested still no CD Rom.
  4. asmodeus47

    asmodeus47 TS Rookie

    Can you check to see if the CDrom works in another computer? Also, you might want to see if your daughter's box can detect another CDrom
  5. martinlw

    martinlw TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 128

    Hi,Took out the CD rom and replaced with a CD rom known to work it recognised the CD rom but wouldnt load a disc,put back the original it showed up in my computer i tried a disc and it then just vanished when i clicked on it, windows informed me that the Cd rom is in another location where i dont know.Beginning to think it may be easier to format and start again.Oh yes i read the microsoft help for this by deleting the upper and lower etc.Problem there is i have none of these in the registry,it then told me if that was the problem go into device manager,you guessed nothing there.
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