Centurylink's "mistake"

By TheDreams
Jul 13, 2013
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  1. My name is TheDreams I was a centurylink customer. I wanted to trade my home phone number over to my cell phone, but when I did Centurylink canceled my entire account even though I specified to verizon and to centurylink that I only wanted my home phone to be deleted and not my internet and both companies said that was fine. But when I activated my new number on my cell phone Centurylink deleted my internet services and in doing so we do not have anymore options available because we live in the country. Centurylink also deleted our email address's without our consent at all and EVERYTHING I have is registered to those email accounts so there is no way I can recover/change passwords on any accounts that I own or my family owns. We have been customers of centurylink for over 5 years and it was Centurylinks fault that we no longer have internet. Someone told me that all of the Dsl slots were full for my area and when we "disconnected" someone else was connected and now we are on a year-long waiting list. I at least think that the LEAST they could do was move our name to the top of the list because it was centurylink's fault that we no longer have internet. This is rediculous.
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    They suck my mom has them.
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