Cfitzarli about the sims2 poat

By michelleap
Dec 4, 2008
  1. cfitzarli read your post about the sims2 i have been playing sims 1 and two on my computer just fine for over 5 years. then recently i had a really bad virus on my computer and i had to reboot my entire computer from scratch. after i rebooted it and tried to reinstall the sims 2 it gives me the same error message you posted. about my comp not having directx 9 adpater. my comp specs are: Intel extreme graphics controller 82845G, intel pentium 4cpu 2.40 GHZ , memomry- 766MB, and Directx version 9.0c ( i know you probablly get a ton of emails with this problem and you seem like you know your stuff so i hope you can help me please im begging(on two knees pppllleeeaassseee) im not the best a graveling but my sims need thanks in advance. Michelle
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