Build a PC CFL backlight dimming over time?


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I have a 3 year old monitor that I have to set to a much higher brightness setting than when it was new. I could answer my own question, except that during this time I've had a continually worsening eyesight condition, so I can't tell whether it's me or the monitor or both. If I knew whether or not it was normal or at least not too uncommon for the backlight to dim over time it would help me to figure things out. Thanks much.


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Do you mean "LCD backlight"?
If so, as far as my knowledge goes, should not be the case with a good LCD. However, I'm not sure whether that would be applicable in that situation over prolonged periods like 3 years. If the brightness of other light sources has diminished relatively less to the LCD, it could be that your eyesight is not entirely to blame, and the LCD maybe indeed degrading.


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Some more Web research has revealed that LCD monitor fluorescent backlight bulbs do dim over time. So I'll continue to keep an eye on the setting. The world is still basically quite a bright place, so if the monitor should get progressively dark I'll be aware that it's what the monitor is doing.