Change file icon in Win7?

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May 8, 2013
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  1. I used to be able to really easily change the icon of a particular file type in XP, but I can't remember how.
    WinRAR files are showing up with this icon: [​IMG] (winrar icon inside a page)
    but I would prefer this icon: [​IMG] (without the page)

    How do I change default filetype icon in Win7?
    I've looked around and I see all sorts of crazy junk with convoluted steps and registry edits, and I know that in XP there used to be an easy way to do it -- does it still exist?
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    1. Right-click the folder you want to change the icon of
    2. Select "Open Folder Location"... it's just above "properties"
    3. Once you are in the "Folder Location", right-click the folder again that you want to change
    4. Select "Properties" at the bottom
    5. Select "Customize"... the far right tab
    6. the "Change Icon" button is at the bottom
    [Note: For the changed icon to show up in the "Library" view also, you may need to close and re-open file explorer]

    I didnt feel like typing it all out, so I copied it from Microsoft.

    Stickman's solution is fine, but it requires a program to be installed. Note: For my solution, you need to have a icon saved to upload. If you have winrar installed, then you can find it in the winrar program files.
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    Your solution isn't one. the question was not about a folder icon, but a file icon. very different. and it need a software to do it.
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    I've never looked into this before, so I am only using general knowledge here, but in general terms, the icon associated with a file would be the icon embedded in the application which is defined to open that file. For example, a zip file might be defined to automatically be opened by winzip.exe, and the winzip icon is embedded in winzip.exe.

    So first off, the files you want to have the WinRAR icon must be defined (by file suffix - possibly .zip or .rar) to be opened by winrar.exe. Then the icon shown is the icon embedded in Winrar.exe

    There may be a reason why that icon is different to what you expect. One way would be you installed a later version of WinRar compared to what you had before.

    Another way the border (page shape) might show now where it did not before, is if the OS has been instructed to display icons with 'drop shadows', or some such terminology. In other words, the icon is naturally without an edge, but the OS (or video driver, who knows), provides an overall outline for the icon.
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