change from p4 to amdxp, worth it?

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Apr 2, 2004
  1. I currently have a p4 2.0ghz system, with ti4200, 1gb ddr2700, which is
    overclocked to allow me to use my 333mhz of memory as motherboard only
    supports up to 266mhz and it doesnt support 8x agp card.

    I have a athlon motherboard that can use amd processors up to 3000+, it also
    handles the ddr2700 memory and the 8x agp

    Should i replace my p4 system for the above motherboard and processor (which
    i will have to buy) , or will i not see much difference in performance?

    I cant get to grips with all these p4 and amd ghz all being completely off.

    I mean, the XP 3000+ runs at 2.1ghz, but runs like faster 3ghz? pentium 4

    the p4 motherboard is
    the amd motherboard is

    Or should i just upgrade my p4 to the highest my motherboard could take,
    bearing in mind the fsb only goes up to 533.

    Many thanks

  2. RealBlackStuff

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    Welcome to TechSpot

    It would be cheaper to buy an AMD mobo with AMD processor.
    Get an Athlon XP (Barton) between 2500+ and 3200+

    Those 2 are cheaper than the equivalent Intel CPU on its own.
    You can use the rest of your current hardware, but you will have to install OS and all programs from scratch, when you change mobo's!
  3. stuartturrell

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    As i own both the p4 and the amd motherboard, all i would need to buy is a suitable processor for the amd board. Which states can only take up to the 3000+. So that would be the processor i would buy.

    The ddr2700 would fit and so would everything else, except the fan.

    If i were to buy the amd processor, if i really would see a difference in speed, (which i am not sure on), what heatsink would be best?
    Any makes to avoid/go for?
  4. Steg

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    on heatsinks - coolermaster are good all round. Thermaltake are good at being noisy but getting rid of serious amounts of heat, and zalman are good at begin less noisy, very cool looking, expensive and good for getting rid of loads of heat - so get a Zalman CNPS-7000a - IF it will fit your motherboard (chech the zalman site for a list)

  5. Masque

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    I'm going to go out on a limb on this one and say that if you "don't" overclock, stick with the retail version with the HSF included. I'm running an Athlon 3200+ 64-bit with the stock HSF and it heat issues at all and it's quiet as well.

    Just my $.02.
  6. RealBlackStuff

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  7. acidosmosis

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    The difference in speed between a Intel and the closest "equivelant" AMD are about 5% difference, depending on what type of application you are running. In one application Intel may be 5% faster, but in another it's 5% slower. You can not really compare the two against each other performance wise.

    The biggest argument anyone can come up with when were talking about Intel vs AMD is price. There is a pretty large difference. Now, less so than a year ago but still a comparable difference.

    Someone may make the argument that with Pentium 4's you have the choice of an 800mhz FSB. Well, that doesn't matter. A P4 @ 800mhz FSB is actually a P4 @ 200mhz FSB. An AMD @ 400mhz FSB is actually an AMD @ 200mhz FSB. They are both "really" a 200mhz FSB.

    Price Example:

    AMD Athlon XP 3000+ 400FSB, 512K L2 Cache $158.00 (OEM)
    Intel Pentium 4 3.0C 800FSB, 512K L2 Cache $218.00 (OEM)

    difference: $60.00

    Is $60 worth that small difference in performance? It's up to you.

    Links for reference:
  8. RCman

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    Go for the AMD Althon XP

    I have a AMD 3200+ and my freind has a 2.8ghz P4, now we play Lan games and stuff frequently and I can tell you that I am deffinatly betting him in the Processing Power department. Also when we both had fresh copies of Win XP loaded we ran PI Fast (yes yes yes... I know it depends on other factors as well) but here were my results and his:

    AMD Athlon XP 3200+
    Program : PiFast version 4.2, by Xavier Gourdon
    Computation of 1000000 digits of Pi
    Method used : Chudnovsky
    Size of FFT : 128 K
    Physical memory used : ~ 7439 K
    Disk memory used : ~ 0.00 Meg
    Duration : 2.73 seconds

    Intel P4 2.8Ghz
    Program : PiFast version 4.2, by Xavier Gourdon
    Computation of 1000000 digits of Pi
    Method used : Chudnovsky
    Size of FFT : 128 K
    Physical memory used : ~ 7769 K
    Disk memory used : ~ 0.00 Meg
    Duration : 3.34 seconds

    There's only a 0.61 second difference, but I still ''win'' :D :cool:

    So will you see a performance increase?
    Yes, but that depends on what you do with your computer....

    Good Luck,
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