change signature file location in outlook 2003

By f1ngerbob
Sep 6, 2004
  1. hi there. i am running outlook 2003 on an exchange server and have a signature file for outgoing emails which is saved on the c:\ in documents and settings. is it possible to make outlook look for the file from another location e.g one of our other network drives n:\

    what this would let us achieve is that if i was to move to another pc for example, when i log in with my username outlook would search for my signature file on the network and allow me to use it without creating another, if i was to move to another pc the same day it would follow me to that one.

    sorry if this sounds overly complicated or if i sound thick, if it cant be done thats ok


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  3. f1ngerbob

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    thanks for the reply, might investigate roaming profiles as a solution, didnt think it could be done, as it said on the post i was searching for a good few hours with no success. thanks again
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