Changed motherboard, now monitor and/or HD won't work

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Sep 25, 2005
  1. I ordered a Chaintech and got subsituted with a Shuttle.

    I installed it, in a new case with a new power supply and a new floppy drive, and used the old hard drive and CDROM

    My first problem was that the new case came with it's own wires for special things like temp control and lights. I really don't know what to expect because I can find no place to hook in the 8 single prog ends (4 each). Where on a motherboard can extra wires be attached?

    Second problem is that althought the computer turns on, the monitor won't respond. I tried bypassing the onboard video connector and installed a video card. I still could not get a response from my monitor.

    So now I think the monitor is confused because of the old hard drive. Is it mandatory to format a hard drive when replacing a motherboard? If I got a new hard drive I suppose I could install the old hard drive as a slave, although my computers are old and I have never had any luck with that before.

    Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

    Sandy in FL
  2. pkroks

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    you shouldn't have to format the harddrive just because you got a new motherboard. If you have another harddrive test it in the computer. If you have another monitor test that too with the computer. if both don't work its probably your motherboard...
  3. Shadowrunner

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    I have had the same problem with an ASUS A8V Deluxe motherboard and it turns oyt it was fried. i say, get it checked. see how you go
  4. sumter

    sumter TS Rookie Topic Starter

    still won't work

    I removed the HD from another computer and plugged it in to replace the questionable HD and the replacement didn't work either. Then I removed the monitor cable from another computer and plugged that in and again it didn't work. So I guess I have a bad motherboard. Bummer. Funny, everything else works - or at least the door opens on the CDROM and the floppy ejects.

  5. PT109

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    Well all the indicators are present. System are not compatibl

    Well the systems are not always compatible. First there is a clock which controlls the speed of the communications from one device to another. For instance the HD is trying to controll the HD at a speed set by the clock of the mother board. Then the HD sends back a clock signal back to the mother it is too late due to process time (Delay) or slew rate of the chips of the said HD. Well if the slew rate is to slow the mother does not receive the signal in time. The biggest problem out there is the timing of the two devices. Not allowing for the slew rate of HD since it compared to the Mother is to slow. But most people dont understand this effect when changing these devices. In the old days you never changes a mother unless you always changed the HD also. Due to this problem. First saw this problem in the old days when I first designed my own computer (the Z8080) days.
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