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By ferrari24
Mar 18, 2008
  1. I have both the 7900GS and 7900GT, and I am wondering if I can somehow mod the BIOS of one of these cards so it thinks it is the other (since the only difference in the cards IS the name and BIOS).

    I have NiBiTor and NVFlash, so how would I go about doing this? I have their stock BIOSs saved to my HDD already.

    My reason for it is I want to SLI the two cards, but GS and GT are incompatible I guess. I want to change the GS to a GT or the GT to the GS, and then I can do regular overclocking form there.
  2. Whiffen

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    "Inside Rivatuner, there is a function called NVStrap, which allows you to modify a card's deviceID. For example, if you've got a 7900 GT and a 7900 GS (which are based on the same G71 core), you can get the deviceID from the 7900 GT and force the 7900 GS to use that deviceID via NVStrap.

    However, because of the way NVStrap works, you can only change the deviceID on the card in your primary PCI-Express slot. Once you've forced the deviceID to the same as your 7900 GT's, you should be able to turn SLI on in your driver control panel.

    Performance won't be quite as high as it would be with a pair of 7900 GTs, but it should be higher than two 7900 GSs. GPU load balancing works pretty well in this situation."

    I was looking at similar forums and this is the best I could find as quoted above, hope it helps.

    You can find Rivatuner here

    Good luck ;D
  3. ferrari24

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    Thanks, I got it working :D

    SLI is working. I just wish nVidia made it so I can do dual monitors in SLI mode though.
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