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Oct 17, 2005
  1. i have a problem with my pc rebooting itself.several members have told me it is ram related so i have contacted crucial who make ballistix ram.they have told me to go into bios and change the SPD to and the voltage to 2.8 please i have no idea how to do this.
  2. meatologist

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    What is the make and model of your Motherboard?
  3. suttonchedd

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    motherboard make

    hi it is asus a8n-efm,i hope this helps
  4. meatologist

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    BIOS settings


    Here is the link for your mobo UserGuide:

    BIOS is at Chapter 2

    Take a look in there and see what you think. There is a section on DRAM Configuration - but I dont see any entries to change SPD or voltage.

    I'm sure it's there... as you can change the memory voltage on most machines via the BIOS, rather than using jumpers. At least, you better hope it's not jumpers - far too fiddley - if you're not comp savvy

    WARNING: Changes to your BIOS could leave the system unusable. There is a section in the UserGuide that explains it... so READ it carefully.

    Let us know what you decide... but post back before doing anything
  5. suttonchedd

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    hi,this motherboard is not the same as mine,it has 4 memory slots where mine only has 2 also bus speed is different.does that make a difference
  6. meatologist

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    I couldnt find the motherboard model number you gave me - it doesnt exist on their website!

    that was the closest one I could find....

    let me know what you're gonna do
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