Changing mobo: when do I clean reinstall Windows XP?

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Nov 25, 2008
  1. I'm about to swap out my mobo (as well as my CPU, video card and RAM) and I just need to get one thing straight before I do it. Should I do a clean reinstall of my current OS (clean, as in wiping HD clean) before I put the new mobo in? Or do I install the mobo, then reinstall my OS? Also, I plan to eventually upgrade from my current OS, XP, to Vista. Should I do this now in the midst of my mobo change or wait until my new mobo is good to go (w/ BIOS and drivers) with XP? Sorry if I confused any or you.
  2. zipperman

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    I don't think so.Just connect the current HD as Primary Master and
    Check your mbd boot options to make it first.
    A new HD is the only reason i see for a new install,but can be set as Secondary.
    BTW Installing these devices requires an experienced user as there are
    settings in the bios to do first.
    Get a Motherboard Manual and CD
  3. kimsland

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  4. WooWon

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    So you're saying that I should first install the new mobo, turn the computer on and then run a repair install of Windows XP?
  5. kimsland

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    Yes :)

    Also (seeming I'm replying so briefly)

    If, you are updating the Bios revision make sure to do that before installing Windows
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