Changing OS from Windows 2000 prof to Windows 98

By bnreddy
Jul 7, 2005
  1. I have PC with Windows 2000 professional loaded on C: drive ( under NTFS) of the partitioned disk. I have to load Windows 98 as second OS. As Windows 98 can be loaded on C: drive only, I need to remove Windows 2000 professional first and then Windows 98 to be loaded. My problem is when I tried to use windows 98 startup disk , I could not read the C: drive since it's in NTFS and therefore could not format it. Even I tried with Windows 2000 professional installation disk where in I could not find the uninstallation of the OS. Is there any wayout to uninstall Windows 2000 professional and format the disk in FAT32 to load the Windows 98 comfortably?
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    Use the bootdisk from W98SE and boot from it.
    With FDISK delete the Windows2000 partition, then create a new partition in the empty space. Set this active. This will be the new empty C:
    Then format that partition in FAT32 and install W98.
    When done, install W2K on another partition, it will automatically create the bootmenu.
  3. bnreddy

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    Another way too!

    Thanks a lot. I tried it in a different way also.
    I run the Windows 2000 installation disk for new copy installation. During this, it will ask whether to format existing installation with FAT32 or Leave it in the same NTFS format. I have chosen the first option. After formatting is complete, I did press the "Cancel" button when it prompted for user input. Then using the windows 98 startup disk, I could see the C: (since it's in FAT32 now) and ,therefore, deleted the windows 2000 installation folder in C:. Now the C: is ready for installing Windows 98.
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