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Feb 5, 2013
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  1. ISPs around my area (Memphis) charge about $10 per megabit for uplink, so 10 megs up costs $100. That's pretty expensive compared to something like Google's Kansas City project where you get 1000 megs for $70... but I don't live in Kansas City.

    Is there some trick to buying cheap bandwidth? Some way to bypass ISPs?
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    Unless you can operate via a university or within some company - - we all need an ISP connection.
    Depending upon what is available in your area, your bandwidth (and its cost) will be controlled by who you choose to use for that ISP.

    Here in Southern Calif, I have a Timewarner Cable connection (just happened to be the first hispeed connection for me), but today there is Verizon (both DSL and FiOS), AT&T U-Verse and there's a satellite connection too (but it's no better than DSL)
    and Comcast still has a presence.

    Do some heavy research and you might find another that has a better price-point for you.
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    hmm; why the need for upload - - looks like you intend to publish / host files from your personal computer - - never a great idea, if only due to the reliability and costs as you have discovered.
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    It's for a minecraft server.
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    I get verison...58$ a month. have speed of 5,,,whenever I test it,,,get 6. also get fone with it,,,but dont use because of limitations,,,only good if power goes out
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