Chromium autofill in plaintext


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Following on from this ordeal, Opera v16 (and I assume other Chromium-based browsers) allows the storage of AutoComplete form data. One of these features is the storage of credit card info.

While only the last four digits are visible when initially in the Settings menu, a simple click of the Edit button allows anyone to see the credit card number, name, expiry date - all in plaintext.

Changelog can be found here, which says:
[SIZE=13px][FONT=helvetica neue]Opera 16 allows you to securely store your addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and credit cards for use online.[/FONT][/SIZE]
Users beware. I suggest turning off the option of "Enable auto-filling of forms on webpages", which is turned on by default.


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I suppose they'll fix it sometime and I'd add that it's about time they did, since it's been so for a month.

Till they do, thanks for the warning.

As for Opera, I hope they have second thoughts about abandoning their own engine in favor of chromium. Whatever problems they hoped to solve by doing so, the adage that comes to mind is:

"The main cause of problems is solutions".
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