CiD popups and Windows Live Messenger

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Feb 27, 2009
  1. Hi

    I have recently been pestered with random IE windows popping up from "CiD" and "50connect", despite using Firefox as my default browser. These can appear even when I am not browsing. I have trawled through various posts on several forums and there seems to be a connection between these and Windows Live messenger?

    Having followed initial steps given by yourselves to other sufferers and uninstalled "CiD Helper" via add and remove programs in preparation for proving you with logs etc, I find that subsequently the popups seemed to have stopped without me taking any further action. This may change of course and I will post further information if this happens.

    My reason for posting now is to ask if there is indeed an link between using Windows Live Messenger and these unsolicited adverts? I have possibly inadvertently clicked in the ad box at the bottom of the Messenger window on a few occasions - is this taken as an invitation to opt in to these services perhaps?

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  3. thedame

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    Hi Kimsland

    Thanks for you reply- I am not fond of being "duped" into opting in to things like this - I run AVG Internet Security so I did think it odd that I could have been infected by malware so easily. As you say, no-one will admit to this: I rang the owners of 50connect and they denied it emphatically. They suggested the popups were placed there by my ISP! I have been a customer of Virgin since it was Cable & Wireless and then NTL and never had a problem like this!

    I don't want to tempt fate but so far all is well and my next step may well be to uninstall Live Messenger in favour of something less intrusive. If I have any further problems I will certainly follow the steps outlined in your link
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  5. thedame

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    Well, so far so good - no more pop ups! I am grateful to the advice given in the previous posts on this subject and would urge other "sufferers" to read the response to the post by Tobes2003 entitled "CiD banner adverts help in stopping please" and check out your installed programs as described.

    Thanks Kimsland for the advice re the virus program- I will bear it in mind but as I have only recently renewed my subscription for a 3 license copy of the full AVG Internet Security package, not the free AVG virus component, I think I will stick with it for now! I have had a look at the Avira site and see that they offers a similar package to my current AVG one for a better price. I have been using AVG for some years now with few problems but would be interested to know why you suggest Avira as an alternative, for the future.
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    Save your license key for AVG somewhere safe
    Do a full scan with AVG (just do this whilst you're watching tv or something)
    Remove anything AVG finds (probably nothing)

    Then uninstall it fully
    Install Avira free Antivirus
    Run a full scan
    Oh and remove the found Viruses
    AVG must have missed those ;)
    Here's the punch line -> As usual.

    Then ask me again :)
  7. thedame

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    It will take more than one TV prog episode to do a full scan of my hard drives- I do this daily with AVG and could watch every episode of Lost in the time it takes ;)

    I take your point Kimsland and do love a this space for the results! :)
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