CityVille, world's biggest game, hits 100 million active users


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Shoot me. I'm wondering the percentage of that 100 million that are no lifers who play it all the time. What a waste.


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"CityVille now has over 100 million active users..."

Now I believe there's a big difference between that figure and those individuals who are running multiple accounts. There's some lady at work here who's daughter has TWENTY-TWO different Farmville accounts. And another lady that has SIXTEEN of her own. I don't play these dumb games, but I understand having multiple accounts makes it handy to give gifts and collectibles to other accounts.

I mean we're still talking in the tens of millions, but if having multiple accounts is the norm for these players, than that 100 million figure could actually be half or less of actual individual players playing the game.

Although I think it's absolutely retarded to "play" these games, you have to hand it to Zynga for tapping into this non-traditional "gaming" crowd to make billions.


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How's that song go ?.....

“Paper-thin, paper-weight
How’s that demographic?
A dis empowered herd
Minds cloud with static
Minds cloud with static

Lowest Common denominator…”

Lowest Common Denominator –Napalm Death


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100 million noobs, what a waste of PC's, they should fax their PC's to me so i can power up my development of Skynat.


I started playing CityVille because I can take a quick break from doing homework/reading and open this in a browser and play.
I may have played this but I think that this and farmville is stupid. It's demanding for you to get on at certain times where as I like to get on when ever i want to.


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Hmm...I have no idea what this supposed game even is. :S

And by the sound of it...I probably wouldn't care.


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To develop something that has 100 million users (probably ~65-70 million if you take into account the multiple user accounts) is still very impressive, regardless of what you think of the game. Chances are another game like this is going to come out in the next 12 months with even more users.


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Surely something must be right with this game, if 100m followers is not a number to go by then what else could be that convincing.