Classic Windows XP or 98 , or OS 9-down

Hello , I am new , My life story starts windows 95 , I am a Canadian male at this time student format before high school,

then came windows 98,

still a student but now in high school , before grad came , windows XP , so far only complaint was the windows that carried error messages , made fun off nowadays by android and the download windows error humor and sound start up.

so basically I missed most of it and am now sitting on MacBook Pro but am using android mobile,

and well apple and android are supposed to be the most enable customizable item devices available, talking cydia included As well as jailbreak, if you have not heard it’s custom options used to create or change design and function.

except, mine seem to have issues wen it comes to certain things… like “Root” and other issues , so I found an old windows computer someone left to donation which I picked up and started, seemed to run fine, opened it up and moved some stuff around , removed a few items and bamn , doesn’t work , so I took it apart and split it for pieces, so now I got the mother board , thinking about picking up another cheap old tower for 20$ and doing the same after checking if it starts up, so I would have windows 98 & windows XP mother board , with OS original copy XP and a usb pciextender for a couple of bucks , my question is how can I connect the two mother boards together or solder them together, or remove chips from both to create a better one with newer updated chips also thinking maybe windows 7? Or maybe an android smart tablet in between both motherboards like the rca voyager with two plugs , one for direct outlet current and the other for regular mobile device charger to usb.

I know the only limitations are those of regular humans , information of information given directed or proprietor stated,
so like what can I use or what combinations would make a great machine , for current state right now heavy on music MP3
video to mp3 transfer and download , DJ apps , android and apple download customizing , formatting , roms, burning and ripping , maybe gaming emulators, anything live streaming or recording , web browsing, also possible 32bit instead of 64 ,


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If you like Windows XP, Systemax has old H.P. Towers with duo 2 processor that works well and for $100.00 shipping free. They sell it with an activated Windows XP pro, the Mypal web browser & Mozilla Firefox OLD version.

The prices of old H.P.s are very low. H.P. Ultra Slim or H.P. SFF 8300 for well under $100.00 and offers for quanity deals. Somehow they never sold well and or they were returned back on a trade in. Intel i3 or i5 or even i7. A i3 seems to run just as fast as a i7. A duo processor seems to run just as fast. They can take Windows 11 if they are the old SFF 8300 H.P. Get one that has a HDD with Windows 10.


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So, you broke the tower when you went inside , and now you're going to solder two motherboards together? Good luck with that. I'm glad you have confidence in yourself, because I don't have any in you..
FWIW, windows 7 is the most pleasant experience
of any of the older OS's. If anything shipped with Vista, you can likely get drivers for Win 7.
An SSD will will bring any old piece of junk back to life. Yes, even with DDR-2, a machine will run like the wind. You can get Win 7 Pro 32 or 64 bit off Ebay for about $28.00 (USD_.

Other than that, it sounds like you have a lot of figutin' and soul searching to do, before you make ant other moves

IMO, "soldering two mobos together is completely off the table. (Again, FWIW).