Clone Monitor Video Issues

By Hotcrossbun
Jan 9, 2009
  1. I recently tried to setup a clone monitor for my laptop in order to watch avi files on my TV as opposed to my laptop screen. The clone works fine using a vga to vga connection and my laptop screen appears perfectly on my TV screen (a bush idlcd26tv07hd). However when i try to open a media player be it windows media player, real player, vlc media player, media player classic, etc the media player opens fine and everything works except in the spot where the video should be thers just a black box or a message saying "out of range". My refresh rate is 60hz which is the same as my other pc which works and no matter which resolution i try as well i have the same problem. i thought the problem may be my tv runs at 50 hz but then this wouldnt explain the other pc showing videos on it. i run xp and the graphics card is a NVIDIA geforce 7900 GS. The other pc uses some crummy intel chipset graphics. even youtube and web media players work fine it is simply the media players listed above which do not work. does anyone know what i can do? would it help using a vga to s-video or anything like that?
  2. Tmagic650

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    "Would it help using a vga to s-video or anything like that?"...

    Sounds like a good idea to try
  3. =XHumed=

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    Alot of grfx cards don't like displaying overlay video on a cloned display - try setting it to dual, extended desktop and dragging the media player over to the Tv display instead.
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