[Closed] Facebook Virus = Bankerfox

By ascot54
Jul 17, 2010
  1. Hi all,

    Firstly apologies to the Mods for my absence... since my problems 18months or so ago all my pc's / laptops have been on top form !!

    However, this week, my wife was using my laptop and picked up the Bankerfox trojan/worm/virus....appears to attach to pictures form what i have found out !!

    I used the "old 8 step guide" to remove the errors...
    However, i could not connect to the net either by wireless or by hardwire on Cat 5 cable..
    (Internet Explorer & Mozilla).

    I kept getting "invalid proxy server settings"

    Spoke to a chap in a computer shop, told him the error i had and he advised to use my original disc and use repair console to install "corrupt files"..

    I dug a bit deeper and found the proxy setting box within the advanced Tab of IE...
    I cleared the setting and the port address of 5434 and allowed Windows to auto detect/config settings...

    Hey presto, i could connect...!!!!!

    BE WARNED....!! In case your kids are on Facebook !!

    BankerFox takes over your browser and directs you to porn sites !!
    these were just two sites it tried to get me to visit...
    also it tried to get me to buy "their" anti virus programme...by constantly using pop ups !!

    Hope this helps anyone else who gets it...


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