Cloud gaming service Gaikai to launch in December


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The jury is still out on whether there is a market for cloud-based gaming – and, no, I don’t mean Farmville and the like – but it seems OnLive will soon be getting some company in this space. A somewhat similar service dubbed Gaikai is set to debut in December and apparently aims to have all the major game publishers on board at launch. Much like OnLive, Gaikai will run games on remote servers and stream video back to the player through a browser plug-in, without additional downloads or special hardware required, meaning that the most-demanding of games can be played on low-end PCs.

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This is not new information.
This does however shine light on a good reason why onlive switched to subscription free just the other day.


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I think that if anyone likes games enough to be a frequent user of such a service, providing them with as much revenue as I provide Steam (lol), they would probably end up having a gaming computer and paying for full versions of games, rather than streaming a castrated version over the web.

There is a reason why a DVD version of a $25 Blue Ray movie sells for 5 bucks. You get less resolution.

So why should I pay full price for a low res version of a game? Having played Civ 5 with all the video options on and off, the difference is staggering. I would not pay $50 for a low res version of the game, more like $20.


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I see no reason why you would get a " lower resolution" version of the game.

In fact unless your running a great pc at the moment i guess this will actually improve your overall experience. The only requirement you will need is a damn fast internet connection to connect to the cloud pc,which is highly likely to be a lot better performance than 99% of home users computers.

Input lag would be my only worry.