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CMOS checksum error - Defaults Loaded

By michaelsimpson7 ยท 9 replies
Oct 2, 2011
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  1. So I know you shouldn't do this (and I'm gonna stop from now on) but I've been shutting down my PC by holding the power button and not shutting it down properly - and I think this is the reason for my problem.

    A few days ago I started up my computer and then after I had been on the internet for a while it just rebooted itself. So I kept starting it up then when everything had loaded it just kept rebooting.

    Now it doesn't even load up it goes to a black screen that says something about CMOS checksum error - Defaults Loaded. I've searched for other people with this problem and the responses tend to be to do something with the BIOS (sorry, I'm not very technical. I don't even know what the BIOS are) but my problem is my keyboard has now become unresponsive that I can't get it into anywhere to change the settings. When I start up all the lights come on for a second (num lock, caps lock and scroll lock) but then go off and my keyboard becomes unresponsive.

    Then when I try to reboot the computer from the power button it doesn't even start up now! (It's just going from bad to worse) Like it turns on (I think it's the fan that makes a noise?) but nothing happens the screens black, it doesn't even make that beeping noise it usually does when it's just starting to start up. I have to wait for a while (like a good few hours or even a day) before I can try and start it up again and it will go to the CMOS checksum error screen.

    Please help! And, if possible, please put things as simply as possible as (maybe you can tell) I'm not very technical.
  2. Chatecky

    Chatecky TS Rookie

    Might be your powersupply.

    I actually had the same probablem and i sorta fixed it. Normally when you first see the problem you will get a advanced bootup screen giving you the option to go in safe mode normal mode and theres another option that says us your last working bootup setup or something like that. You want to press that butten and if that doesn't work you will have to put in your windows CD (assuming your using a windows computer) and boot from the CD and go to your recovery console, and do some commands. you will need to tell me your Cmos (or bios) settings command like mine is F8 (or the screen that shows you the "Press F8 to get to Bios setup" or "Press Esc to set boot device" ETC...
  3. Chatecky

    Chatecky TS Rookie

    You might need to use your CD.

    Alright from what i can tell it's your boot files. You will either need to do a chkdsk or some other commands with your windows CD as your boot. Alright do you know what your boot device set up key is?
  4. michaelsimpson7

    michaelsimpson7 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ah yeah I did see that the first few times! I can't remember which one I went into but when it loaded up it just rebooted again.

    I don't get that screen anymore I just get the CMOS checksum error screen. But even if I did I don't think I could go into one of them because my keyboard is unresponsive.
    So I should just find the CD it came with and put that in when the error screen comes up? Ok, what kindof commands?

    I think it's "Press Esc to set boot device". I dunno cause I just turned on my computer to check what it says in the error screen but it's not even starting up to the error screen and it's been off for a day :confused:
  5. Chatecky

    Chatecky TS Rookie


    Your computer normally should see your keyboard. But what i was getting to was you have to put in your windows cd in your computer so when it reboots you can go into the set boot device (Esc in your case) and boot from your windows cd. What kind of keyboard are you using? Because sometimes usb is not configer until a little while after the bootup. do you have a PS/2 keyboard? because that might fix your problem when your doing this. Anyway if you somehow get your keyboard working boot from the windows cd like i was saying before and tipe "chkdsk" and wait for it to finish. If that doens't work Try "nbrfix" (by the way don't use space's when you tipe these commands) and if that doesn't work then tipe "bootfix" and if that doesn't work contact me lol. Anyway if you don't have a PS/2 connecter then just comment on this thread what you have and i might be able to help ya.
  6. michaelsimpson7

    michaelsimpson7 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok so I've got it to the error page (still no keyboard) I've put the CD in and nothing's happening :confused:

    And which type of keyboard? Ummm... on the back it says Keyboard Model No: SK-1789 ?
  7. Rabbit01

    Rabbit01 TS Evangelist Posts: 786   +58

    If it's got a round purple plug w/ 6 pins, then it's a PS/2 keyboard. Looked up SK-1789 on Google and it showed a Liteon keyboard w/ a purple PS/2 connector.
  8. michaelsimpson7

    michaelsimpson7 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yeah it does!
  9. Chatecky

    Chatecky TS Rookie

    have you got it connected right?

    Have you got it in the purple female connection? (it's the same color as the end of the PS/2 connecter) This might sound pretty silly but check just to make sure. Countering what i said earlier if you have a USB Keyboard try it. Alright about your question about the key to get to your "set boot device". What you can do is when your computer is booting up it actually has a Bios setup key you just don't normally see it. You can press the Pause button on your keyboard (it's on the top part of your keyboard where the F1 F2 ETC.. keys are to the far right it also on my keyboard has break underneath the Pause texted. It will look somthing like this

    Pause .)

    Anyway you press that button and it will pause the boot process. Make sure you do it on the starting boot up screen (or it could be on the second screen it vary's). Anyway you will see that in the texted it will have a "F" Key for you to get to your Bios setup screen press the F key and go to the boot derectory and set your CD drive as the main boot device instead of your Hard Drive, And that will let you boot from your disk. Anyway make sure you have the purple Keyboard connection in the right connection slot because if you have it in the wrong connection that it won't work.
  10. SonicXRulz

    SonicXRulz TS Rookie

    I kinda fixed it!

    Try resetting CMOS using the jumper. After that. Turn on your PC without the RAM. Then swap the RAM's from their default position. (If a 1GB card was on the first slot, plug it to the second) Then try turning on. It should work. OH I forgot a step. If there are beeps when the RAM is removed and turned on, your mobo is OK! And after all those steps, if it's still not working, try changing the POWER SUPPLY!

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