CoD 4 game freezes

By sukmeraw · 11 replies
Nov 25, 2008
  1. just got cod4. bought new nvidia gforce 8400 gs (pci) card to run it. game loads with small
    glitches or lags and then freezes after a few seconds to a minute of play. have tried changing
    settings and closing all background apps but nothing helps. i have a pentium 4 2.8 GHz cpu,
    1 gig ddr ram, sound blaster audigy sound card and plenty of disk space. can anyone help?
  2. THNDR143

    THNDR143 TS Member Posts: 43


    Did you check the minimum specs for COD4? maybe that pci card isnt strong enough.

    My .02 cents
  3. sukmeraw

    sukmeraw TS Rookie Topic Starter

    cod4 game freezes

    min specs for cod4 video card are nvidia geforce 6600 or radeon 9800. my card is a
    nvidia 8400 gs pci w/512 mb ram.
  4. Jorvihn99

    Jorvihn99 TS Rookie

    Did you update the latest drivers available for the card? What about in-game settings? Did you set those to the lowest possible, turn AA off etc....

    I'm thinking about getting this card also as I too am cursed with only having PCI slots. My X1550 that I was running (ran COD4 no problem....other than being choppy but prolly ok for being a PCI card) took a dump on me and am looking for a new card. The 8500 GT would be my first pick but I'm doing a new build in 3 months so I'd rather save that $40 and stick with the 8400GS provided it will actually run COD4. Please post back and let me know if you got it to work!
  5. LinkedKube

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    i ran cod4 on multiplayer with 8800 ultra, 2 gigs of ddr3 and a core2duo6750, still got lag during airstrikes sometimes. You're trying to run cod on a pci card. I say...Try again, and spend 60 bucks on a mobo with a pci e slot.
  6. k.jacko

    k.jacko TS Rookie Posts: 493

    8400 won't truly cut it mate. You only have 1Gb of ram and a fairly slow cpu.What res are you gaming at?
    COD4 is coded pretty well, but you'd need to upgrade all 3 components to get some real performance out of the game. Upgrade gfx and ram, then eventually cpu.
  7. Jorvihn99

    Jorvihn99 TS Rookie

    8400 gs

    I bought the PNY 512mb geforce 8400 GS (PCI).....IT SUCKS!!!!!!! The Radeon X1550 I fried, could actually play COD4, the 8400 can not. My average FPS was 9. FPS dropped and Ping skyrocketed whenever I MOVED! Lol. Ditch the card, get the X1550, its the best out there for us PCI-e/agp less people.
  8. sukmeraw

    sukmeraw TS Rookie Topic Starter

    no!! never got it to work. tried all different game and video card settings. my mobo is just not up to pci. that slot shares the same buss with the cpu and its just too much. took the card back and am looking
    for a better agp card. probably the nvidia 7600. its about the same price. good luck with yours. hope you
    work it out.
  9. omegafate

    omegafate TS Rookie Posts: 104

    dude no offence but your gonna have to upgrade your pc

    esspecialy the mobo,cpu,ram,and video card

    other wise your wasting your time,money,and effort
  10. k.jacko

    k.jacko TS Rookie Posts: 493

    Quoted for the Truth......i'm afraid.

    Your'e throwing 'good money after old' by looking for a gfx card solution for your existing board.
    A half decent modern mobo can be had for £50 easily. DDR2 Ram is uber cheap also. Then you can buy a cheap pci-e gfx card, knowing that when more money comes in you could upgrade to the best card that your money can buy.
  11. Jorvihn99

    Jorvihn99 TS Rookie

    Just junk your board :p

    You never said you had an agp slot! There are way better cards for agp as opposed to the PCI. They have Radeon HD 3xxx's in AGP. Go to Tigerdirect or newegg. As for me, I decided to just junk my board and rebuild my system. I'm sure it will be ALOT better than my old PCI Radeon X1550. :) Heres what I'm going for comments.

    Sapphire Radeon HD 4670 - 512MB DDR3, PCI Express 2.0
    Intel Pentium Dual Core E5200
    Intel DG45ID Motherboard (PCI-E 2.0 version)
    Razer Diamondback 3G Gaming Mouse

    I already have 3GB of ram + 320GB HD, 400W PSU.

    Not to side swipe your post but.....what do you guys think?
  12. omegafate

    omegafate TS Rookie Posts: 104

    looks good

    but the pentium dual core isn't actually a dual core or so to speak

    it just has and extra memory cache that reads out as a core

    but u could try a core 2 duo or a amd athlon 64 x2

    those are actual dual cores

    dont get me wrong its a nice set up but if your also looking to running crysis or any of the graphic heavy games u might wanna look in to the 2 cpus i suggested

    just as long as its above 2.4 ghz u should be fine
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