Comcast lifts 250GB hard cap, intros more flexible 300GB soft cap


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Comcast has announced plans to loosen restrictions on residential Internet users. In 2008, the provider imposed a cap on home subscribers forbidding them from using more than 250GB of data...

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People will really go for this, with streaming websites like Netflix and Lovefilm, and now a lot of games are going to digital stores it really needs to be upgraded. Just introduce this policy right now, I don't think a trial will be necassery.


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It's about time. I've never gone over my limit but I know people who have. Great picture BTW.


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getting warned 2-3 times is not a hard cap.. its always been a soft cap. I've gone over 250GB multible times and no warning.


It's not about going over the cap but rather how often you're using your internet to actually go over that cap. Like if you're downloading something or uploading for 24h then they're going to give you a message. If you're using your internet little by little where it doesn't cause a large impact on everyone else they're fine with you going over the limit. They actually track you load usage in set periods of time rather than you cap, your cap is just another way of them being able to tell you you're abusing their internet with easy proof..


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Meh Comcast needs to put more vasoline behind their collective ears so the can pull their heads from their collective rumps. When will corps. learn. If you dont give your customer what they want, they will go and spend their money elsewhere!!! Its not like ANY ISP or Cellphone provider actually pays anywhere near what the consumer pays for Data. They just want more and more money. The only way they can justify it to the FCC is to put "caps" in place. I was talking with a cellphone sales rep for a major carrier <one of the big 3> and was told how little they actually pay for the bandwidth. Its ridiculously cheap!!!!!!! Its like a 10000% increase that the customer pays.


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I stream Netflix and Hulu for about 3 hours every night as well as all our computer internet use and only average about half the 250Gb cap. This won't affect me at all.


well I watch hd streaming and if I watched 3 hrs per night it would be well over the 250gb I honestly think you don't know what you are talking about 1/2 that amount is wrong whom ever you are..bogus comment's you work for comcast?


Not true bandit - I was banned for a year here in Atlanta back in 2008 / 2009 and have boycotted Comcast ever since. For the record Comcast executives can take a short walk off a long pier! Jerks!! All I did was stream / rent one too many 1080p movies at a time before it was popular. I've never had an issue w/ AT&T U-Verse which is what I've run since the Comcast jerks terminated my account w/o any warning at all ( b/c I don't use Comcast email and I don't check my junk hotmail account ). Comcast should be sued for monopoly / unfair business practices for what it's doing to Netflix - Everyone should write the justice department if you consider yourself a solid American citizen. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it - Thank you (Sean H - Atlanta, GA)
Is the transfer cap enforced if you upload to another Comcast IP? For example, if Netflix wants to use P2P and they use my computer to upload a buffered movie stream to another Comcast customer. Will this count against my monthly bandwidth allotment?