Comcrap motherboard issue

By jjackson
Sep 27, 2005
  1. Need some help quickly. I have tried to install a new motherboard in a Compaq 7AP190 and this did not work. When trying to install the motherboard I was forced to break apart the powerswitch, Pwr LED, HD LED plug. It is an 8 pin plug with 6 contacts inside of it. Well now I am trying to put the Motherboard back in and cannot find any tech info on the MB. I did not write the pinout down before dismantling and now I am in a pickle.

    What I need to know is where to find the pinouts for the MB so that I can reassemble the plug, or just put the contacts onto the pins themselves. The motherboard is marked, sort of. Reading it from front of the case to back of the case it says....the first pin has a 1 to the left....the second pin says SLP...the third pin says HD...the fourth pin says nothing....the fifth pin has no pin but says Key....the sixth pin says PWR...the seventh pin says nothing and the eigth pin says BTN. What I have on the front panel of the case is a power button with two wires coming out of it. They are not labeled on the wire. I have a white light above the power button with 3 wires coming off the back of it. It has a label wrapped around all of them that says power. I also have a green light with 2 wires coming off of it, and it is labeled HD ACT.

    Here is the question....can I mess something up by plugging these into the wrong pins? Can someone help me sort these wires out....I really only need the switch to work. the lights I don't care about but would like to get working.
  2. Blakhart

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    Well, if the letters near the pins are "truthfull", the pwr should mean power button, btn is probably the reset button, hd would be the led for the hard drive where your hd activity light should go. The light with 3 leads coming from it is a dual color led, used to indicate sleep mode and power. The switches can be used in any way, they aren't polarised. The leds on the other hand are polarised, they will only work connected one way. You will have to do some fishing with the leads to see exactly what pins should be used. I don't think you will mess anything up, and you can always reset bios if you need to after trying.
    The most important one will be the power switch connection, you can live without all the rest. I used a screwdriver to tap all the pins in each way to find wich ones are really power pins. Now I have an actual switch pulled from a dead sys to use, cuz I'm fancy like that.
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