Comodo v4 Freeze?

By Alexexex
Jul 1, 2010
  1. Today I uninstalled Comodo Internet Security v3 to install v4 as I thought a newer version would serve me better. So everything went smoothly with the installation, I then updated the virus database and ran a full scan. However, halfway through the scan, the program froze, and my computer locked up so to speak. My computer did not become responsive again so I was forced to preform a hard reboot. I repeated my earlier steps except I took the installation package which I downloaded from another computer hoping for different results... No. I repeated the first steps again 3 more times in desperation when I just gave up. Instead of running a full scan, I just decided to use the computer. Now I'm asking how will I be able to scan my computer without it locking up? I've done multiple registry checks, and self diagnostics which came up with useless information. Any suggestions or tip are welcome and greatly appreciated.

    I'm running a dell vostro 1510 and vista home premium. Right now I'm downloading the dell drivers as a final attempt.

    - Alex
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