Compaq evo n200 laptop

By hesegovia
Mar 7, 2006
  1. My compaq evo n200 laptop contains a lots of viruses and spyware. I need to reinstall a fresh copy of windows 2000. However, compaq evo n200 does not have floppy drive, and it does not have CD drive. I just do not know how to intall windows 2000 in this computers. Please help!

    P.D. I do not have any original software for this computer.
  2. Peddant

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    "The Evo does have two USB connections,so you can add your own USB floppy drive (though Compaq doesn't sell one for the N200), but to gain other missing features you must dock the Evo onto one of Compaq's optional mobile expansion units."
  3. hesegovia

    hesegovia TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Compaq evo n200

    Yes, I do have usb external floppy driver and usb external cd driver. I installed windows 2000 using the external cd. First, the computer started reading and installing the necessary files. Then, I clicked installed windows. Once windows started the installation process, it stopped indicating there is not cd driver to continue the installation. In other words, it seems that evo n200 does not support usb external conections when I try to install the operation system.Please advise!
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