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Jul 18, 2008
  1. Hello;

    I have had a Compaq Presario 1500 laptop for about 2 years now, and I am quite un-satisfied when it comes to multi-tasking several applications at the same time. Sometimes it is so slow that I cannot minimize a full-screen application to read up on something on the net. I currently only have 256 megs of ram, but I read on the internet that tihs model could have up to 1 gigabyte. This is great, but therein lies my question. The laptop has two ram slots, one of which has been empty since i got the computer. Could I get a gig of ram and still keep the 256y meg stick as an added boost? or is the 1 gig the maximum for both slots?
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    if you are tec minded and the presario has a 915 intel chipset just do a pin mod!!
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    you can put at least 2gb, but read the ram guide in the guides forum first.
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    Thank you for your replies. i'll be sure to look into them.

    @ woody: Thank you for the links. I have been looking at RAM here at canadian retailers, and it's $20 for 512 mb, but it's probably not as good quality as the $25. then again, I don't know much about RAM, and what the difference is between the speeds and whatnot. all i know is that for an additional $15, you can get 677 mhz ram instead of 400mhz or something.

    @ insoman my computer is like 5 years old, and I believe the 915g chipset is for desktop PCs (mine is a notebook).
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    alright, thanks for the link.

    Downloaded siw, used it, and the situation is sadder than i thought.

    .. 133 mhz is the fastest i can go. rofl.

    would the lower frequency make it cost less? do they even make 122mhz ram any more?
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    No i should have said you have to double the number it shows, DDR stands for Double Data Rate - here is a link to read about it.
    Anyway the number it shows you double it and that is your maximum Bus Speed for your RAM. So i did link you the top RAM you could buy in the first place and now that is confirmed.

    Your Maximum RAM - DDR 512mb PC2100 @ 266mhz (2 cards Max)

    I don't know any Canadian Retailers so just look for what i said.
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