Compaq V2000 Shuts Down at Random

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Apr 13, 2006
  1. Helloo All ...

    I have a Compaq Presario V2000 with 1 GB of RAM. The unit is about 18 months old and has never had windows reistalled. In the past I would experience random shut downs when I would try to burn a CD.

    Now it's been shutting down when I'm running programs such as Word or Macromedia Dreamweaver. It seems to be OK with internet browsing and the like.

    I just finished up taking off the bottom of the laptop. I blew out was minimal dust there was and reassembled everything. I can hear the fan turn on every now and again.

    I downloaded Adaware and removed 72 items. I downloaded McAffee and the laptop continues to shut off during the initlail scan.

    I rebooted in safe mode and running McAffee yielded the same results. The laptop turned off mid scan.

    I download Speed Fan and the tems are HD 45C and 61C for the CPU, I think.

    Running McAffee again has the CPU temp spike at 68 to 80 depending on CPU usage.

    I'm totally confused now.

    It has shut down during McAffee, Dreamweaver, Word .... Am I due for a hard drive wipe out and OS reinstall?

    Thanks for any and all help!
  2. Tedster

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    the thermal shutdown circuit is probably causing it to shut off. I recommend getting it checked out or a warranty repair. perhaps the fan is not working.
  3. tombstone

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    Unfortunately I'm out of warranty so I'm on my own here ...

    I can hear the fan running. If it was going bad would it just die or would it be a slow death?

    I just took it apart again and blow out everything. Hopefullly I just missed some dust. What temp should it be operating at?
  4. Fiziks

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    A little toastey

    firstly, 61c is too hot, work on space management inside the system and even bore a hole in the side panel if you need to... and before jumping to any conclusions try to swap whatever PSU you're using with say, a new 100-240v just to be safe.. also check the fans and the battery...

    maybe you ARE out of warranty but HP/Compaq have alway been good with that, I suppose it couldn't hurt to try and call tech support
  5. pasafire6996

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    Same computer and temperature


    I was wondering around the internet searching for v20o0 over heating and i ran across this forum. I have the same laptop and it is getting the same temp readings does this mean its just a design flaw? Compaq didnt know the answer, so i am trying to figure out if this computer is just designed to run hot and if so how can i get it to cool down. Also side note the heat exaughst is located about a cm to the left of the power port and can over heat the power cord it actually melted my power cord... any case mods i can do to better vent the laptop what do you think..
  6. kunjikaly

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    Hi, I Guess The Problem Is With Bearing Of The Fan. Compaq V2000 Major Problem Area Is Cpu Fan. Due To Frequent Interaction With Dust Reduced Rpm Of The Fan. Replace Cpu Fan And Apply Thermal Paste
  7. Jake's

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    Compaq Presario V2000 Shuts Down at Random

    I am a Tech and have worked on several of these units. The REAL problem and something SIMPLE to fix; there is a thin black aluminum metallic type covering over the heat sink and fan air scoop area. What is occurring (bad engineering design) is there was a sticky adherent placed on the bottom of the metallic covering to hold it in place. The adherent should have been placed on the 2 ends not over the entire covering. As air flows across the heat sink heading to the output fan; dust, lint, hair, etc. is getting trapped on the sticky covering eventually blocking the air flow. You need to get a something like "Goo Gone" to remove that adherent and then remove the 4 tiny screws to holding the fan then thoroughly clean the air flow area. I found so much lint in one unit trapped in the air scoop area that as soon as you turned on the unit, in a matter of seconds it would shut down. After thoroughly cleaning the unit it worked perfectly.

    Hope this helps someone.

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