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Compatibility problems with Biostar M7VKD. Need opinions.

By Jakalpkmn ยท 7 replies
Dec 23, 2003
  1. I am having major problems with my system.

    It was originally:
    Windows 95
    Biostar M7VKD
    Duron 900
    256 MB Crucial PC133 SDRAM
    256 MB Kbyte PC133 SDRAM
    PNY Geforce2 MX400
    RealMagic Hollywood+
    Sound Blaster Audigy X Gamer
    TTGI 330Watt dual fan power supply
    Western Digital 80Gig with 8 meg cache

    This was rock solid until I tried to added a PCI Network Interface Card. I tried 3 or 4 cards, after installing the drivers, the OS would not load. The Microsoft MN-130 NIC finally worked. It took about 5 minutes to boot, and it became horribly unstable, but it at least sort of worked. This wasn't acceptable, so I tried to install Windows XP Home, hoping it would be more stable, but it would only boot after installing, and then the OS wouldn't ever load again.

    So, I stripped the system down, to just the videocard, and it still wouldn't boot. So I took out the video card, and replaced it with a Venus Virge DGX4 (a really old PCI video card with 4 megs of ram). Then it successfully booted. I then added the NIC, and it still loaded. I was convinced it was an incompatibility between the video card and motherboard, but then I tried installing the sound card. It didn't boot.

    At this point I'm pretty convinced I need to find a new motherboard. Does anyone have any other ideas? Also if this is the case I need to find a new (hopefully more stable) Socket A motherboard that takes SDRAM. I can't seem to find a good board on sale, most motherboards on sale now only take DDR RAM. Any suggestions on a specific motherboard?
  2. SubKamran

    SubKamran TS Rookie Posts: 166

    Why not spend an extra $100 for a decent mobo and DDR ram?
  3. NoisySilence

    NoisySilence TS Rookie Posts: 98

    ECS K7S5a or the ASRock K7VT2 should do just fine.
  4. Jakalpkmn

    Jakalpkmn TS Rookie Topic Starter

    NoisySilence, thanks.

    SubKamran, I've thought about that. I'm planning on waiting until 64 bit processors come down in price a bit to upgrade. With the new Athlon 64 with 512KB cache already available for a couple hundred dollars I don't think I'll have to wait long, but for now I just want my desktop to work as something besides a file server.
  5. SubKamran

    SubKamran TS Rookie Posts: 166

    Nothing is ready for 64-bit yet. That won't happen until a long time, hardly anything supports it fully.

    But, it's your choice ;) If I were you, I'd just by a Barton and OC it and then wait until faster 64-bit processors come when software actually supports it.

    In some case, 64-bit actually slows down your computer...
  6. Didou

    Didou Bowtie extraordinair! Posts: 4,274

    I have yet to see that happen with an Athlon64(-FX). It's possible for an Itanium to run very slow in 32-bit, since it's done via emulation but Intel is working on some new emulator software to improve performance. That's just about the only situation in which 64-bit could be a slowdown.
  7. boetard

    boetard TS Rookie

    I have used this motherboard with network cards and haven't had any problems. The os used was Win98se and WinXP Pro. CPU used - AMD XP1600+.
  8. Didou

    Didou Bowtie extraordinair! Posts: 4,274

    Sometimes it's simply a BIOS upgrade that's needed. I used to have a similar problem with my A7V ( kt133 ). If I installed a R8139 NIC, my sound card would disappear. I had to flash the BIOS to make everything work fine.
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