Completed the 8 steps, logs attached

By jsully42
Dec 13, 2009
  1. Hi all,

    I followed Julio's 8 steps to clean up my pc but still have a hijack redirect on google. When I click on a link in googles web site I'm redirected about 30% of the time. Usually to other search pages or to a Security page say my pc is infected. Here are the logs I got when following the 8 steps:

  2. jsully42

    jsully42 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Not sure if I posted this correctly. If not can someone help this noob? hehe
  3. jsully42

    jsully42 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Has anyone had a chance to look at my logs? The problems seem to be getting worse, such as a things getting very slow.
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