Complying a new computer.

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Dec 25, 2006
  1. DonNagual

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    Looks like a nice system. Not bad at all.

    A few comments/suggestions:

    - Avoid that rosewill PSU. They have a terrible reputation. Something like this would be a much better choice:

    - What will you mainly be using this computer for?

    - Socket 939 is one generation old. By building a 939 system you are limiting your future upgrades. It is enough for today's applications. That CPU you are getting is a very fast one (I currently have one) however I am upgrading this week to a dual core system. You should be fine for a year or so with that system, but my guess is, in a year you are going to want a new CPU. AMD no longer makes the 939 cpus, so when you want to upgrade you are going to have a hard time finding a CPU. Keep that in mind.

    -Building a AM2 or Core2duo system is not that much more. If you are on an extremely tight budget, I'd say you have done a great job selecting your parts. If you have a little more, go to an AM2 or Core2duo system.

    - Have a look at these two links
  2. akabubblbutt

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  3. DonNagual

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    Of the three PSUs you listed, the Antec is the best choice. The other two companies have been listed on some black lists due to low quality builds. Antec has a reputation for building PSUs of higher quality, supplying more consistent power to your parts.

    That AM2 system looks great! One note, the motherboard you selected is a MicroATX. Nothing wrong with micoATX if you don't need the extra expansion slots. Standard ATX boards tend to give you more room to work with for future upgrades.
  4. akabubblbutt

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    a question if you dont mind; with all the new parts im getting will the hard drive, case, and cdrom be a changing factor? like i already have a harddrive, case, and cdrom will i have to by something new because of these new hardware or will it be ok?

    and these are the final adjustments; these are the finalizing parts to be ordered just want a final check >>'s+Wishlist+2
  5. sghiznaneck

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    Just make sure that if you have any data on your hard drive that you back it up to cd. You are going to have to do a reinstall of Windows when you put your new pc together. Windows won't accept the hard drive without doing it. You do have a Windows disk, don't you?
  6. akabubblbutt

    akabubblbutt TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 23

    yeah, i do have a windows disk. =] and merry christmas to you all.
  7. DonNagual

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  8. akabubblbutt

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    i only see one; but if you see 2 then its not the asus MB its the gigabyte one. =]

    also because the motherboard and the videocard are both sli do i need something else or is it fine the way it is? i can just run it with everything ive chosen to buy ; is that correct?
  9. Boogityboo04

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    Assuming you aren't replacing your HD or case, it looks ready to go.

    SLI just means that if you want to have two video cards working together you can, but you aren't required to have two.
  10. akabubblbutt

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    o alright thanks.
  11. Grafficks

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    I don't think you should get that Antec SmartPower 500W !!!

    Let me tell you a short story.
    Just recently, I was also shopping for another power supply for my PC. The Antec Smartpower 500W was the choice that was on the top of my list. But, like all the things I buy, I do some research (Google) on the product first.

    The professional reviews on the google results were all good, but they were all dated before 2005. Then, I just added the word "bad" to my google search, and it came up with many pages of people saying how Antec's smartpower line is not good anymore.

    Just look at the newegg user reviews for them. They all start getting negative feedback at around early 2006. They all say that this unit lasts under a year.

    There seems to be a bad batch out of the factory. After more research at that point, it seems that Antec's contract with CWT has expired, therefore having no access to good capacitors.

    In the end I got another power supply (not the Antec SP 500) because I can't be bothered to RMA one to Antec every six months.

    Antec is still very reputable for good power supplies but I strongly suggest you stay away from the SmartPower line for now.

    The rest of it looks good.

    Good luck with your computer and merry Christmas :)
  12. MetalX

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    You don't need to reinstall. Just pop in the windows disc and have it repair the previous installation. That has always solved the problem for me.
  13. akabubblbutt

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  14. DonNagual

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