Computer boot up problem

By fourleftfingers
Mar 26, 2009
  1. Hi,

    Just having a problem with my PC atm where it wont turn anymore.

    A few weeks ago it used to turn on then stop on the windows loading screen, after a couple of restarts it started up fine and nothing more was thought about it. I came back last sunday night from being away and my computer would not even turn on. The fan would spin for about 3 seconds then turn off again. I unplugged everything and tried turning it on and had same problem although it stayed on about 15 seconds (bleeping as RAM was out) and then turned off. I found out when i plugged the main power plug in on its own it was okay, but when I plugged in the little lead for the onboard graphics it would then resume switching off. I then tried taking out the CMOS battery for 5 minutes and reinserted it. The computer would then stay constantly bleeping and not turn off even with the small graphics plug in. I then tried with the RAM in but came back to the switching off problem, after a couple of restarts sometimes it makes it to the "verrifying DMI pool data screen" but most of the time it still turns off.

    Just wondering if there are any ideas out there of what could be wrong? unfortunately being at uni i have no spare computer with me to test the rest of the components. The MOBO and processor and Ram are only a 14 months old so hoping they should be okay,

    So please any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance,
  2. Whiffen

    Whiffen TS Rookie Posts: 235

    Find your motherboards bios make; Phenox, Award, etc... and look at the beep codes which can be found in your motherboards manual or the Beep Codes link in my sig. It should give you some idea of whats wrong.

    If it was only beeping when your memory was out that sounds normal, probably telling you there is no memory. If its crashing otherwise it could be the PSU.
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