Computer boots up, no video

By tictac555
May 2, 2008
  1. hello forum =D

    Im in a little bit of a jam, ive got a gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 motherboard with an intel duo core processor 4300. Video card is a geforce 8500gt 512mb with all the latest drivers and stuff. 1gb ram, 450w power supply, 4 200gb sata hdd's (for rainbow tables) and 2 dvd readers and writers all the regular stuff. it has onboard sound but not video. and onboard lan.

    i upgraded the cooling system a while ago, 1 cpufan 4 case fans and 2 power supply fans. this proabbly doesnt matter but im just giving all the information

    ok, so i have 2 monitors hooked up to this video card, one dvi and one regular, whatever its called

    now, i boot up the computer, i dont see anything on the screens, they are acting like no video information is being sent to them because they are both at the orange light and not the green

    ok actually I lied, my computer doesnt go into windows, because if i press ctrl alt del it restarts. num lock and caps lock all work fine

    i think i may have overclocked the video card a little to much and fryed it, because i cant think of anything else. I just wanted to ask you guys before I went out and bought a new video card.

    Ok, thanks in advance.

    - Mark
  2. mailpup

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    It could be the video card. It could be the power supply as well. It might not have enough juice to fully power the video card even though fans are coming on.
  3. ChaoticFlame

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    I'm assuming then that you don't have an old graphics card that you just use for testing purposes in a PCI slot?

    I'll come right out and say that I know nothing about overclocking graphics cards.

    Try pulling out the graphics card altogether. Does pressing control-alt-delete still immediately reset the comp?

    I'd think that 450W would normally be acceptable to power your system with, but there is a possibility that there's just not enough power when you're overclocking the card.
    Start disconnecting stuff from the motherboard. CD Drives first, then hard drives, and then any expansion cards to see if you can get graphics on your monitors during post.

    If this works, then it sounds most likely that your PSU doesn't have enough juice.

    If not, pick a local office/ computer store such as Best Buy that you know has a good return policy, and pick a new graphics card that you know will work in your system. Preferably the cheapest thing they have. (This is assuming that none of these places will carry the model of graphics card that you would actually replace the old card with if you determine that it is burned out.)

    Now, I'll throw something out here too that I remember from years ago.
    A friend of mine dropped a huge chunk of change on a top of the line graphics card upgrade, installed it, and the thing was so powerful that it burned out his motherboard.

    If you try pulling out peripherals, a new graphics card, and finally pulling the motherboard, CPU, PSU, and some RAM and setting the system up out of the case on a non-conductive surface to no avail, (you touch the power jumpers with a screwdriver to turn it on) then based on what you've done to your system, it sounds MOST likely that you have a bad motherboard.
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