computer crashing...

By nelvlo
Oct 28, 2006
  1. i think my video card got burn, because the fan is not working properly..i have to spin the fan myself from time to time(also becuz the fact that my motherboard got burn once...with the video card inside). Now the problem is because my computer keeps crashing every once in a while...sumtimes it just reboots and other times the screen just froze(often in games, but sumtimes just froze when doing nothing). is this becuz the fact that the card got burn(at least i think it got burn) or is it becuz it lacks driver update?btw the card is geforce 6600gt. i recently just download a driver and install it w\o unstalling the previous or doing anything..if i need to install a new driver can u give me the link to the driver i need to get?
    thx in advance.
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